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thenewguy 12-20-2006 09:36 PM

What To Stay Away From
Hi everybody,
let me first say hello to everyone as it is my first time posting here(even though Ive been lurking for a couple of weeks). I have decided to buy a boxster when i get back to the states in July (Im in the Marines in Iraq right now). Well combat zone tax exclusion, plus the lack of purchasing power will be leaving me with a little chunk of change when i get home. I wanna buy a boxster and i'll have 15-20 grand saved so I'm probably gonna buy one outright.

I currently have a 1995 Subaru SVX (which has a 3.3l Boxer engine in it 228hp stock) I love that car to death but time to move on, plus rollin around in a porsche at 24 yo is fun too :cool: My SVX, funny enough ,has had RMS issues too. Maybe its a Boxer thing? plus im used to expensive parts only about 13,000 SVXs were made from 92-97 (400 dollar power steering pumps, 150 dollar ignition coils :eek: )

Getting to the point I either wanna buy a 97-99 Boxster for less and use the extra cash to give it the GT2 or 3 bodykit.
Or would it be wiser maintenance wise to buy a 2000 or newer and buy the bodykit later. Are there less problems with the 2.7?

Any other info or help please let me know. Im probably gonna buy on ebay unless i find a decent deal somewhere else.

Semper Fidelis

David N. 12-21-2006 12:23 AM

First things first I'd suggest craigslist or local ads when you get back. Test driving it yourself is sooo important to getting what you want, and the process has a lot less BS when yer not dealing with 'reserve price' and auctions getting yanked at the last second. Just start calling up sellers and organizing test drives, it's a great way to get a feel for the market and start looking for 'the one'.

When yer almost certain on a particular car, be sure the carfax is clean and get a PPI (pre-purchase inspection) from a Porsche dealership or a shop that specializes in P-cars. The big issue with cars built in 97-99 was a flaw in some of the engines that would allow the cylinder liners to come loose and wreck the engine, so check the service history and see if the engine has been replaced (which should be a good sign, anyone else want to pipe in on this?).

And whatever you do, do not feel obligated to buy. There are plenty out there, don't buy unless it's good financially and you just get that special feeling when you sit in it. It's one more reason to sit in a few of them locally first, so your aren't starry-eyed about the fact it's a Porsche and you can better determine if it's a good Porsche.

Good luck!


z12358 12-21-2006 03:22 AM

Hey thenewguy (how long before the sig name needs a change? :) )

I agree with David's suggestions -- wait to get back home before buying the Box. Buy the best (newest, best shape) Box within your budget. When budgeting, plan for the mods that you want to make, though I'm not a big fan of them myself -- just like the clean Box shape as it is. Also, plan for maintenance and repair expenses, so leave a chunky cushion of cash somewhere. If that means getting a loan for part of the purchase price then so be it, or just get an older Box for less. My point is, don't spend all of the cash on the outright purchase. Cash (liquidity) is king for many other things in life, too. That said, I am a bit concerned that $20k cash stash may not be large enough to handle all of the above (including the car itself).

Most important, while you're there focus on getting back healthy and alive. You don't need ebay hassles and drama there -- just dream of how nice the Box is going to be. You'll also enjoy the purchase process more when you're here to see and test the cars for yourself.

All the best,

RandallNeighbour 12-21-2006 05:03 AM

Good rule of thumb: The cheapest Porsche will always be the most expensive to own. Buy a newish one, buy an S, and be patient to find a garage queen with an owner who really loved the car and cared for it. I bought the opposite off eBay and it's been a friggin' money pit. Word up.

The links below might help you....

thenewguy 12-21-2006 12:57 PM

Thanks!!! I appreciate all the help you guys gave me. I have a little while before i decide to purchase it. Hmmm the name change?? Semper Porsche sounds good!! (Once i buy one!!) I deffinitely will be looking around locally even though it will be difficult when i get back. In North Carolina pickup trucks are alot more popular than a Porsche, I guess you cant take a Porsche muddin :p . Im gonna stay away from the 98-99 unless they've already had an engine replaced. Do they replace it with the same engine that is prone to this problem or an updated one, when it is fixed at the dealer?

David N. 12-21-2006 03:30 PM

If they replaced the engine then it's fine. The issue was a manufacturing defect, not a design flaw. And it didn't become an issue for all boxsters, but enough to simply avoid them and go for something newer.

And if you can afford an 'S', go for it. It's so worth the extra few grand for the bigger engine and better everything (brakes, suspension, dash, go-power). Remember, save money and you regret it every day. Get the best and you only regret it once...


jeffsquire 12-21-2006 04:20 PM


Originally Posted by thenewguy
Hi everybody,

Semper Fidelis

Dear Semper Fi,
I'm writing you because I have a soft spot for veterans. I'm a veteran myself. If you've been lurking on this forum , this proves your intelligence as this is the BEST FORUM for 986/987 owners out there. PERIOD. THe new 7000 member mark speaks for itself. (200,000 Boxsters built and a significant portion of them on this website. That speaks volumes). If you can afford a boxster then get it. Remember the costs associated with owning. There are plenty of posts about repairs and/or putting money aside money for repairs and such. There is excellent advice from many intelligent people here so heed their warnings and concerns.

You should probably avoid anything pre-99 unless you've got a great deal or are able to deal with it financially. I have a 2000 Boxster, 35000 miles with no problems. If you decide to buy one then enjoy it, post pictures to us, and feel free to join this family in our discussions.

Come home safe and we look forward to hearing from you.

NickCats 12-21-2006 05:41 PM


MNBoxster may want to chime in on this, but I think all 1999 Boxsters that are on the market have already had any engine issues dealt with :


Good luck with your search, welcome to the forum, and come home safe...


oranje 12-21-2006 06:00 PM

Go check out Leith Porsche in Cary, NC. That's where I got my 987 - ask for Roy. He's been good to me, as have the service folks. They have a whole bunch of used Boxster on the lot usually. If nothing else, you can get some good test drives in and find what year / model feels best.

Grizzly 12-21-2006 06:16 PM

Yo Devil Dog!

You've gotten some solid advice here on your future purchase. Definitely get a PPI on whatever car you choose. Don't be afraid to walk away from a dealif there's any question at all. There are plenty of other Boxsters out there.

Much more importantly, keep your head down and come home safe. We're with you guys, every minute of every day.

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