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Mantis 06-01-2006 11:42 AM

Got a few requests for pictures, so...
I was too modest to post these when I joined the forum, but I am flattered that I got a few requests to post when peeps read about my yellow. Despite the good natured flak I am catching here and at home, I still love the color! These were taken in the showroom at the dealer in Cleveland, where I found her! (I hope I attached them right or I am gonna get more flak :( )

NickCats 06-01-2006 11:55 AM

Mantis, I am not a big fan of yellow, but I must say, your car is "wicked cool" !

Congratulations !

mach schnell 06-01-2006 11:58 AM

mantis - beautiful! that car just looks right in yellow - if the dealer would've had a yellow one similar to my black, i'd probably have gone yellow! not too mention, so much easier to keep clean and beautiful vs black.

any consideration to painting sidevents yellow, getting yellow seatbelts and replacing gauge faces with yellow?

denverpete 06-01-2006 12:17 PM

But, But, But.... It's YELLOW!

Kidding. I think it looks fantastic. Only sports cars (and taxis) look good in yellow. My wife looks pretty good in yellow, but she's not a sports car.... Or a taxi.

Very nice. I like how you keep it at the dealer. SMART! If you take it out you'll only get it wet or dirty or break something. You wouldn't believe the problems and arguments THAT causes!

It's probably best if you just let someone on this forum drive it for you. What? I humbly accept. See you at 8:00....

Mantis 06-01-2006 12:22 PM


Originally Posted by mach schnell

any consideration to painting sidevents yellow, getting yellow seatbelts and replacing gauge faces with yellow?

Hmm Mach - I will have to photoshop the vents and gauges to see what that would look like! But look below, already have the seat beats!

mach schnell 06-01-2006 12:27 PM

********************in' - didn't notice the belts on the first gander! surprised the gauges weren't yellow. something i may eventually do to mine, in addition to the yellow belts - think it would make a very cool contrast to the black/black/black with the yellow brake calipers.

definitely think the vents painted same color (heck, maybe even the cayman vents, since you can order them in factory color) would look awesome!

but, don't get me wrong, the car as is is very cool - enjoy it and drive it like it's meant to be driven!!!

Y2BOX 06-01-2006 12:45 PM

Not a colour I would normally like.....but in the first photo (the front) it looks fantastic! You will get noticed!! :barf:

blinkwatt 06-01-2006 02:27 PM

Boxsters are the only cars that make yellow looking amazing,and you my man have an amazing looking 987. Congrats.

Biz-z Z 06-01-2006 05:07 PM

Super summer color! The only problem will be sneaking into work late...they'll see you a mile away. :D

Good luck with your new toy, I know you'll enjoy it! :cheers:

Rondog 06-01-2006 05:57 PM


Ok......... i apologize about the no love as kid comment.

It looks fantastic.... Congrats!!!

By the way...as Mach said... you will be even more grateful when you wash it.....

Black is a definitely for masochists....


Grizzly 06-01-2006 06:46 PM

I was almost positive that I didn't care for yellow... or the 987 for that matter. Guess I was wrong. That thing is SMOKIN'!

Just don't do any crime in it. ;)

asnigro 06-01-2006 08:47 PM

I would say in general, yellow is my favorite color, as far as colors go. I dont know if I could handle all the extra attention a yellow car gets though! What a looker you've got there though, congrats! It has to look amazing zooming down the street.

986Jim 06-02-2006 04:54 AM

I think thats a great looking car, nice buy.

rdynamix 06-02-2006 07:40 PM

The car looks fantastic. Plus you picked the right wheels!
Congrats and enjoy it.

Mantis 06-03-2006 07:55 AM

Wow - thank you all so much for your kind words and suggestions. Was nice to read these after 2 hell days of traveling, crummy hotels, food and airport delays! Wife even loves the car and woke me up at 5:15 am and wanted to go driving in the mountains!

Yes, you guessed it .... I said it....

"So, you wanna play with my short shifter?" :rolleyes:

Ronzi 06-03-2006 08:58 AM

Denverpete is right. My car is often mistaken for a school bus, and yours probably will be, too.

Let me know how long it takes for the belts to start getting grubby from running through the black belt guides. Black belts, black belt guides ... no problem. Yellow belts, black belt guides ... problem. But maybe Porsche has seen the light and changed the material in the belt guides since '99 so it doesn't discolor the belts.

Anyway, beautiful car, and just the right color. There is a reason about half the cars in the Porsche ads are yellow.

denverpete 06-03-2006 05:27 PM

Hmmm. I haven't quite figured out why Ronzi likes the yellow Boxster so much. It's right there, but I can't put my finger on it.....

redman12 06-03-2006 07:46 PM

Sexy, gotta love those wheels. It makes me wanna lick your car.

mach schnell 06-03-2006 07:55 PM

i didn't notice it before, but very cool how the dealership de-ambered the sidemarkers with the euro clear ones.

i hope you don't have any of the dreaded vibration probs with your 987 that i continue to have with mine.

chiefsalami 06-04-2006 11:57 PM

Beautiful. Just my style. I tried to jump into a yellow 2002 Box S with the painted rollbars and yellow seatbelts, but was a day too late, and ended up with a red one. But those basic options are what I would have chosen and what I will go with when I buy my next one. And I like your taste in the wheels... not those blocky Carrera S wheels.

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