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SvenskaPoika 03-23-2016 02:44 PM

Control Arm Question
I'm a knucklehead --- I'm trying to replace the front and rear control arms to eliminate some clunking / rattling. So I bought the rear TRW "Control Arm Links" but just realized they may be just "links" and not actual "control arms". Is this correct? If so, what should I have purchased?

What I bought:
1998 Porsche Boxster Base Convertible - Suspension, Shocks & Springs - Page 3

What's is this?
Pelican Parts - European Automotive Parts and Accessories - Porsche BMW Mercedes Volkswagen Audi Saab Volvo MINI

Thank you!!!

Racer Boy 03-23-2016 03:27 PM

I'd try replacing the "links" you got, as they are most likely the source of the noise, and are a lot easier to replace anyway. These are shown in your first link as the first two items. If those don't fix the problem, then I'd replace the actual control arms, often referred to as "coffin" arms (they are shaped like old-fashioned coffins). They are the bottom two items shown in your first link. Replacing these is a lot more involved than the trailing links.

The drop links that connect the upright to the sway bar can also rattle. Those are easy to replace as well.

CrisZenithBlue 03-23-2016 05:33 PM

i initially replaced the drop links that connect to the sway bar and didnt fix my clunking but they are known to be the culprit.

when i replaced the trailing arms, the ones you have, is when the clunking went away so you are on the right track.

oldskool73 03-23-2016 05:59 PM

Same here, replacing the first items in your link, the "Control Arm Link (Track Arm, Rear Left or Right)", fixed my loud klunks over bumps in the rear.

The second link is the same part, but for the front end, they are different size in the Boxster.

If you are doing the front and rear you'd want 2 of the first link item (for the rear), and 2 of the second (for the front).

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