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JayG 09-06-2015 07:13 PM

Coolant refill problem ??
Not sure if I have a problem or not

Successfully changed the water pump and thermostat after torquing off a bolt head on the WP

In draining the system the first time when the WP was leaking, I was able to get only 4 gal out with the heater on. I have a 3.2, manual, so it is supposed to have just under 6 gallons.

I decided to flush the system before refilling it and using an Airlift, I was able to put in just over 4 gallons of distilled water. got it hot followed all the DIYs and even burped the system., When I opened the purge valve, the tank level dropped and I added about a pint more water.

After it cooled, I did the draining, including blowing air into the radiator hoses and the heater lines. Total liquid removed just over 4 gallons again.

Refilled it this time with 50/50 mix again using the airlift and it took 4.25 gallons this time. burped it again and the tank level dropped a bit, adding another pint or so of 50/50.

Drove the car around 20 miles and let it cool down. Checked the tank before I left to go home and it was down around the bottom. Filled it with 50/50. Now I have put in around 4.75 gallons

The temp has been normal the whole time, right in the middle of the 8.

Gonna do another heat cycle tomorrow still with the purge valve open and see what happens

Should I be concerned???

Chuck W. 09-06-2015 07:46 PM

You should be golden Jay. I did the same (including the airlift) the with the exception of the middle flush. I also didn't open the purge valve. It took about four times of adding 3/4 of a gallon of 50/50 to get it to the correct mark.

I was a tad surprised that using the Airlift didn't charge the system completely.

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