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RedTele58 09-02-2014 05:23 PM

Post your project Porsches - here's my 928's
I take an auto body class 2 evenings a week at the local VocTec center. Not to prepare myself to work in the auto body field, but for $300/quarter, I get to keep a car there, have access to 2 professional quality paint booths, all the tools and a top notch instructor. There are 8-10 of us in class, mostly guys in their 40s-60s. We all have our various projects. Some nights we work pretty hard, some nights are just BS sessions.

The red car is my project for this year. Once I'm body work complete, it will go into a corner my shop and I'll start on the silver car. The silver car will get some mechanical upgrades (brakes, suspension), and a few exterior upgrades. The red car I'm working on and the silver car will both chug to life and make a lap around the block, so there's hope... The red car in the background will sit for a bit, but it'll get there...


Deserion 09-03-2014 05:00 AM

So how many 928s do you have, the 3? Looks like you have quite the amount of ambition! :D I'd like to snag a 928 one of these days.

jb92563 09-03-2014 06:06 AM

Thats a great idea to get access to tools and experienced people, plus its much better than wasting your life away watching the Simpsons or much of the other mindless drivel plus the 1/3 advertising commercials about various drugs that have side effects that could kill you or make you grow a horn out of your forehead :eek:

Nice little guys night out twice a week even and disguised as work;).

I guess those 928's are quite affordable these days.
Porsche 928 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Always good to have a primary and a parts car.

They have nice beefy engines 4.5-5.4l but are a bit heavy at 3400 lbs.

I rode in one that was a dedicated track car. Its interior was gutted and lightened. It was incredibly fast, cornered great and accelerated like a rocket.

Now you've got me thinking ...

78F350 09-03-2014 12:00 PM

straying a little OT (non-Porsche content)
Since I have not really started on my Boxster other than some clean-up and a to-do list, I'll stray a bit OT and post my last Honda Del Sol project. I purchased it as a parts car, but eventually gathered the parts from other cars to put back on it. Swapped out most of the drivetrain from an Acura Integra and put a JDM Honda CRV engine in it. Turned my garage into a temporary booth. I really need to check out the VoTech next time. Now I'm “selling my 'Sol” to support my growing Boxster habit.


With all the parts and equipment in my garage, there is a long line in the driveway. Currently swapping out a bad engine in an Accord, while my '99 Boxster waits under the cover in back.


My water damaged white 2001 arrives by hauler next week. I didn't mean to do it, but she was so pretty I just couldn’t say no.... :D


itsnotanova 09-04-2014 08:19 PM

This is the best old picture I have of mine. I've since welded on 930 fenders and have RSR front and rear bumpers along with a whale tail. The goal is 600hp in a 2500lbs car.

Beer 09-05-2014 01:45 PM

This is my first Porsche, a 914. Bought it 7 years ago for $1500. It's been through a few mild iterations of enhancements. Currently doing the 5 lug conversion and Subified with a 2.5 Legacy engine and transmission. About 90% there.


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