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bmussatti 02-05-2006 12:51 PM

Rattle & Whistle- 987
What are the dealer fixes for the 987's windstop rattle (I think this one is the felt tape...right?) and the mirror whistle?? What mirror is usually the culprit- driver side or passenger side?


Rail26 02-05-2006 05:13 PM

Bmus, both of my mirrors whistle and the windstop is ANNOYING! I used the felt tape, but it just wears out in a couple drives. I've decided to wait to get them fixed until my 15,000 mile oil change/service (since I have to drive 4 hours). I saw a couple guys put a clear silicon bead in between the mirror seams on the outside. It seems to work.

eslai 02-06-2006 01:36 AM

Y'know, my side mirrors used to whistle but lately I haven't noticed it. Can't offer any suggestion on that, sorry.

The felt tape that the dealer applied to my windstop only helped for a little while. I went back complaining that the rattles had returned and they applied more tape here and there--so much that it's actually hard to remove the windstop now. The rattles are gone but it sure feels like a crappy "fix" to me.

jangobox 02-06-2006 05:36 AM

Where are they putting this felt tape? My windstop started rattling too. Is it the actual clips that are the problem?

eslai 02-06-2006 11:09 AM

They first added the felt to the little rubber nub that the base of the windstop sits on. That worked for a while until, I don't know--it compressed and flattened out enough? It's a pretty thin piece of felt so I can't say for sure. Next they applied it to the parts that hook/latch together at the top two corners of the windstop. That's the one that made it hard to get the windstop out, but it's worked so far.

MNBoxster 02-06-2006 12:02 PM


I prefer double-sided Foam Tape to the Felt because it is more resilient and causes the Windstop to adhere to the RollBars, especially good for a semi-permanent installation like mine.

And, YES the Clips do fatigue with time. They are very cheap ($3?) each and their Part #s are: 986.561.738.01.01C and 986.561.737.00.01C - You will need one of each as they are Left/Right specific. Hope this helps...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99

eslai 02-06-2006 03:28 PM

Probably not the same part numbers for 987 though, eh?

MNBoxster 02-06-2006 03:37 PM


Originally Posted by eslai
Probably not the same part numbers for 987 though, eh?


It may have a diff. # for the 987, but I bet it's the exact same part. Call the dealer and check. My PET doesn't show a difference, but they're sometimes inaccurate...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99

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