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BadBoyS 01-14-2006 05:41 PM

Home DIY Parts, Porsche or Part Store
I have been starting to do the Maintenance on my new to me xmas gift. I know that when I bought the car I was looking for a Porsche Serviced Records documented car. Which I found and the previous owner was pretty good about it. Now I'm going to be doing the work on the car. Will this decrease the value? I unfortunatley don't have a nice porsche stamp in the old garage for the maintenance book. Second if I am doing this should I use porsche dealer parts to help document and possibly help with the value of the car. I know there is nothing wrong with autozone parts but this is a porsche not my eagle talon. I am getting ready to change the drive belt soon and as I do the little things Interior filter, Air filter, drive Belt the questions came to mind... This is my first porsche and have been working on the muscle cars which this seems to be a new ball of wax....Thanks for your replys...

Tool Pants 01-14-2006 07:07 PM

Porsche does not make parts. They repackage parts made by other companies and mark them up. For example. Filters sold by Porsche are made by Mahle and Mann. Plugs by Bosch or Beru.

As for that belt....

Adam 01-14-2006 10:06 PM

I think it is good that you want to do your own work. I would just write down everything you do and keep receipts of major parts. Document where, when, and at what mileage you did the service for sure. That may not be as good as the dealer stamp to some but I don't think doing your own work will depreciate the car any. Quality work is not something only a dealer can do and if your car is well cared for it shows.

blinkwatt 01-14-2006 11:19 PM

The best priced place that I have come across for ANY maintainence parts, http://www.************************************************************/index.html In addition to those prices most of the time they have montly discounts. Just check out the price of the cabin filters and brake system parts. Now if you want to be riskay check out the price of their MAF, those prices are insane. With the help of many on this board I have come to learn how to change alot of maintainence parts on my car. Just head to this board to ask questions on anything related to Boxsters and someone will know.

markk 01-15-2006 01:40 AM


Is there a list, or can someone make it, with wear & tear parts/brands/partnumbers which are the OEM supplier to Porsche for MY01 BoxsterS ?

I know of Beru plugs for my S
- oilfilter
- Airfilter
- Cabin filter
- brake pads
- brake discs
- belts
etc. I still get original from Porsche.

I'm not interested in "better" performance parts like Hawk or Ferodo DS2500/ds3000 brake pads. I think the Porsche stuff is good enough and like to keep it "original". Original in my context means "same stuff" as original. Really don't care whether it is branded "Porsche" or "Skoda"...


Tool Pants 01-15-2006 04:07 AM

Here is the oil filter made by Mahle and sold by Porsche. The Porsche one has the Porsche part number on it, but it also has the Mahle part number on it. That is the only difference other than the box and price.

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