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Laredo 06-25-2013 12:04 PM

Oil leak IMS vs damaged seal HELP!
I have a Boxster 2002. A couple of weeks ago I went to the Porsche dealer to replace the clutch and the rear main seal had a little oil leak so they also replaced the rear main seal. They didn't replace the 4 crankcase bolts at the rear of the engine neither the 3 intermediate shaft flange bolts. Then I noticed a small oil leak and went to Porsche thinking something was done wrong and is in warranty. Now they say the leak is from the IMS and they want to change and internal seal. They say its a new job and charge on more time. Note: Porsche will not install IMS solution

If they didn't replace the bolt could this be the oil leak cause?
Could a faulty seal in the IMS be the cause?
Could this be and imminent IMS failure?
What Do you recommend?

The first and third pictures take it a few minutes ago, second picture a couple of weeks ago.


southernstar 06-25-2013 12:28 PM

Laredo, you are right - Porsche will not install the IMS solution, or any other IMS bearing replacement. The current photos do not seem to show any significant leakage around the IMS bearing cover, although there were some signs of that in the original photo (#2). Of course one cannot say with certainty that the leakage around the IMS was caused by it, albeit contributed to by the RMS, or whether it was solely from the RMS. However, common sense dictates that if leakage from around the IMS showed up again within 2 weeks, they obviously misdiagnosed the problem as they ASSUMED it was only the RMS and replaced only the same.

As I understand it, Porsche will only replace the IMS bearing with the shaft and this requires disassembly of the entire engine. VERY EXPENSIVE! If you bought it from a Porsche dealership, you may be covered by the class-action settlement, but I suspect that you won't get coverage for much of the repair cost. Maybe, as there is a serious issue about the original diagnosis, you can get Porsche to cover the cost of the second disassembly/diagnosis and then transport the car and engine to an independant to get an LN IMS bearing installed and then everything re-assembled. But if I had leakage from the IMS I would be having the bearing replaced immediately!


thom4782 06-25-2013 12:30 PM

My best guesses....

Looking at picture 2 from a few weeks ago, it's likely that both the RMS and IMS bearing were leaking. IMHO, the dealer should have replaced both the RMS and the IMS bearing at the same time.

Q1: It's doubtful that the IMS leak is caused by not replacing the bolts.

Q2: I'm not sure. There are two ways for an IMS to leak - the flange seals leak or there is leakage around the center stud

Q3: According to my local dealer, a leaking IMS bearing can be an early sign of an IMS failure.

Q4: I would recommend the following. First, I would tell the dealer they misdiagnosed the problem the first time and should have replaced both the RMS and the IMS bearing. Given the oil and dirt on the IMS flange, there is no way to conclude that the IMS wasn't leaking then. As a compromise, I would offer to pay for new parts only. Second, I would replace the entire IMS bearing. I've never heard of replacing just an IMS seal. More importantly, if the internal IMS bearing seal is leaking, the bearing is losing lubrication and being damaged already. It's time to get the old bearing out of the car. Replacing a seal only is short sighted. Third, if the dealer won't install the IMS Solution, I would ask then to install the IMS Retrofit. Fourth, if the dealer won't do my first three suggestions, I would take the car (tow it) to another Porsche dealer or an independent repair shop and get the work done there. Bottom line - if the IMS is leaking, get it replaced ASAP without starting the engine again.

Hope this helps...

PS: Brad is right about many Porsche dealers. In the San Francisco area, however, one dealer at least installs the IMS Retrofit as a fix to IMS problems. So it's worth asking.

Laredo 06-25-2013 01:21 PM

Where can I obtain the IMS solution o retrofit. In their web page the say only certified installer have it. And they don't have any close by.

thom4782 06-25-2013 02:04 PM

SSF Imported Auto Parts in South San Franciso California will sell an IMS Solution or the IMS Retrofit to automobile repairs shops. It does not sell directly to the public.

Pelican Parts will sell the LN IMS Retrofit kit directly to individuals. Keep in mind Pelican sells two kits. On is the LN IMS REtrofit kit and the other is a Pelican Parts kit. They are very different.

When installing the IMS Solution or the IMS Retrofit in your car, the installer should follow the installation instructions exactly.

woodsman 06-26-2013 11:20 AM

I think they should have replaced both items-period. Regardless of whether or not they 'fess up' is another thing. Bottom line, I'd get an LN bearing installed by a shop THAT'S DONE THE JOB BEFORE- even if I had to pay for it myself. Some would suggest getting the trans input shaft seal replaced while the trans is out.

Laredo 07-26-2013 03:39 PM

Last update
I went to my Porsche dealers and at the end they did the job for $500.00 USD and I Supplied the parts around $1000.00 USD. I hope this is the end of this matter.

woodsman 07-26-2013 03:45 PM

so you've got an OEM IMSB installed?

Laredo 07-26-2013 03:48 PM

LN Engineering.

Jake Raby 07-26-2013 04:49 PM


When installing the IMS Solution or the IMS Retrofit in your car, the installer should follow the installation instructions exactly.
This is why the IMS Solution will NEVER see retail sale; we have prohibited it completely.

This is also why we have taken the time to hand pick (and invite) a handful of shops to be IMS Solution Certified Installers. This means they have to attend ALL of our periods of instruction and they must pass an evaluation.

The reputation of these deep internal components lies in the hands of the installers and we are not taking this lightly.

Laredo 07-26-2013 06:36 PM

They installed the IMS retrofit. I believe almost everybody in this blog have a bad opinion of Porsche dealers, me too until now. In my case they did an excellent job and they allow me to bring the parts and participate actively in the surgery, I have a great time. The only condition.... Not warranty in non Porsche parts but the stand for the labor. :cheers: Thank you for all your help!!

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