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my89_928gt 11-29-2005 10:34 AM

Body shop issue
Ok, I could be premature on this one, but...After hearing from the shop yesturday(I was about to go and pick up the car) they said at the last minute they found that the top light was on and the check engine light.
None have ever been on before nor right after the incadent(top was closed at that time). Also, engine still ran perfectly.
The shop brought it to the Porsche dealership here in Fort Worth. The checked and cleared the code. Said it was a misfire. Has not repeated, runs fine and no check engine light. Was told maybe becuse it's been sitting for 4 weeks, hmmm I guess it is remotely possable but I don't buy it. Nothing wrong any more so ok.
As for the top, the dealer said the arm on the right side was bent and must be replaced.
Today I hear form the body shop and they said that Porsche had all ready changed the arm and that they had the car back. The shop talked to Allstate and they are going to send an adjuster out to decide if their going to pay for it.
So, the work was done before Allstate aproved it. I'm thinking I could get stuck with that bill.
Here is my thoughts. The shop said maybe when the shock bottomed out from the impact on the right side it bent the arm. I'm not seeing that as possable from how I recall things are conected. If their was no body or frame or structer damage as the shop claims then I'm not seeing how that arm got bent. I think one of their workers bent it thats what I think. Also, if it came down to it I never would have paid Porsche to change that arm. I would have done it myself. Have a hard time throwing money away when I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself.
So, the question is if Allstate will not aprove it(cuse the deam it was not from the wreak) what is a good way to argue with the shop that I'm not going to pay the extra cost(I don't even know how much it is, lol)??
So far Allstate has paid over $6000 and me $250(my deductable).

97 Boxster 5sp black :mad:

RandallNeighbour 11-29-2005 10:53 AM

You know, if Allstate doesn't cover the cost of the arm and the labor to install it, I'd tell the body shop manager that they should remove the arm, replace it with the bent one, and credit your bill.

If they give you any crap, have your lawyer make a call to the owner of the shop.

This will teach them not to make repairs without the customer's knowledge when the insurance company isn't paying for it!

AUDIOGUY 11-29-2005 02:32 PM

Not knowing where your car was hit, it is hard to say if Allstate will cover the bent arm or not. If there is no physical damage in the area of the bent arm, I doubt that Allstate will cover it. Most likely, the shop damaged the arm raising or lowering the top... As I run a large collision center in NJ, my first thought would have been to try to have Allstate cover the damage first. If the insurance company doesnt get the opportunity to inspect the damage prior to it being repaired, you may get stuck with the bill. The repair shop should have at least contacted you and explained they were replacing the part and how much it would cost. If you approved the additional work with the understanding that the insurance company may or may not cover it then fine. It sounds like you didnt have a choice in the matter. Hopefully Allstate will cover it. If they dont, then either the shop should pay for the item that you didnt approve installing or as suggested remove it and re-install the damaged one for your to fix.

By the way, dont worry about the check engine light.. a misfire could be from sitting. The computer is quite sensitive and if the code is cleared with no further CEL, you should be fine.

Hope everything works out for you!

Triple Black

bmussatti 11-29-2005 02:42 PM

I agree with Audioguy.

If Allstate won't cover the arm, offer to pay for the parts only (since you would have to do this even if you DIY) and have the bodyshop eat the labor, because this is a job you were willing to do on your own.

If you agree to pay for the parts only, make sure the parts prices are fair.


threpwood 11-29-2005 06:51 PM

Everybody here is right on the advice.

It goes to the cost of the arm. If it does not cost all that much, I would rather just pay for it (even if your insurance doesn't cover it) than get into all the trouble and headaches with lawyers etc. Hopefully they do quality work for you to justify you paying a little more.

my89_928gt 12-01-2005 07:10 AM

Well I went to pickup the car this morning. Did not get stuck with the arm.
But I did not take the car. Never even put it in gear. The check engine light was on and the car was running very very badly. Missing on multiple cylinders. Even gave a little backfire in the exaust(after fire actualy).
So, it's supposed to be heading back to my local dealership:(
I wounder when Allstate is going to cut that car off. They have allreasdy spent over $6300.


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