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bigwatts 11-16-2005 08:04 AM

Passenger Window ??
My boxster makes a grinding noise when opening or closing the passenger window. The window functions fine. It goes up and down. It also drops when you open the top release and does the little micro drop when opening the door from the inside or outside.

I have done some searching on the forum and noticed lots of mentions of problems with the window regulator and the window not dropping when the door opens. However mine seems to function normal. It also has streaks in the glass when it comes back up after lowering it. (like when a dirty window is lowered on any other car) This makes me think the grinding noise might be dirt or something in the tracks?? Or is this a regulator on its way out. Should I replace it or just leave it since the window functions fine. Of course the grinding noise initially makes me think something is not right. The window is also a little slower going up or down during the last 3-4 inches before the glass enters the top of the door. Almost like the motor has to try a little harder right at that point.

The car is a 97. I noticed this same problem on one of the other 97's I drove before purchasing mine. Advice? Is it a do it yourself fix? Price?


mrsparkle 11-16-2005 08:09 AM

Sounds like the window regulator. I had the same problem. Window operation was fine, but when rolling down or up, it would make noise along with streaks.

bigwatts 11-17-2005 10:57 AM

If it is the window regulator how much can I expect to pay for labor at an independent shop. How long will it function (in the grinding noise way) before it ceases to work.

Can this be replaced by someone with decent mechanical knowledge. I assume its pretty much just removal of the door panel then replacing the regualtor. Is this correct? Has anyone done this job before?

I found this link that details how to remove the door panel. http://www.ecoutez.net/boxster/door-panel-removal/

I assume its pretty much the same for a 97 boxster , minus the side airbag part. How hard is the regulator to replace once the door panel is off?

Thanks in advance for your help.

tqtran 11-17-2005 07:32 PM

bigwatts: It will cost you around $300-$320 at the dealer. Its a 30 min job for them. When mine went out I had the streaks too. But there was no other warning (I did not have the noise like many people), one day it just stopped working and I had to manually roll down the window with the center console controls.

deliriousga 11-18-2005 08:03 AM

If they open up the doors, make sure they check out the felt pads that keep the mechanism from scratching the glass. When they wear out, you get a nice line all the way up the window and you can't get it out.

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