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fefyfo 10-24-2005 12:07 PM

Yup, it finally happened this weekend. Ripped rear window
The weather was gorgeous this weekend. Dropped the town around noon and began my errands. When I arrived at my friend's house, he asked what was wrong with my top. Goosebumps started popping up and I instinctly said "oh, it's creased, it would straighten out." When I got out of the car and examined it closer, I saw the infamous tear due to "Not Chopping" on a cooler day. I was devastated. Just received my bonus and I was really hoping to drop it on a new sets of wheels.

Secretly, I was hoping it would rip but not until next May b/c I would love to get the glass window and a new color top. My car is white/beige and I think it would look so nice with a tan top. At any rate, thinking of applying some clear rubber cement to last me this winter. Any other recommendations? BTW, please don't forget to chop this fall/winter. I know it's a pain when you're at a red light but a tear is such a damper on any mood.

S_PILOT 10-24-2005 08:24 PM

OK, so I've had my Boxster S for a week. Can someone tell me what "chopping" the top is to prevent the rear plastic window from tearing?


fefyfo 10-25-2005 06:06 AM

when you open the top mid way, run to the back of the car, and chop the window horizontally to prevent the crease. Creasing when the plastic glass is cold causes the tear.

RandallNeighbour 10-25-2005 07:42 AM

Due to the age of my car and its original top, I also chop the canvas in the top above the window (which used to fold automatically, but now doesn't work so well). This keeps the canvas from coming into contact with the switch in the center and making a hole (which I already have and don't want it to get worse).

I also have problems with my top in that the top does not go into the black plastic track of the window frame, but goes on the outside of the frame... it's not only ugly, it stretches the top in odd ways and makes it far less wind and water proof.

Dropping my top requires at least three hoops for me to jump through, and I desperately want a glass window replacement top! They're just expensive and I want rims more than a new top right now :)

fefyfo 10-25-2005 08:25 AM

i 2nd that Randall. Right now, I got a piece of ugly clear tape over it. It'll due until Spring hopefully. Nevertheless, it is such an eye sore when you're looking in your rearview mirror. How are de-ambering process going with your ride? Keep us inform and post pics asap.

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