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nautiquelfe 09-17-2005 03:29 PM

Thinking of painting interior
Hey guys i'm thinking of painting the interior of my 99 artic silver. I was originally going to only paint the roll bar. However i've been looking around the net and have sort-of liked the body matched console parts, etc. I'm looking for a good DIY post or website for painting these plastic parts. I'm also interested in some input from you guys, anyone out there regret this project afterwards. My car will be out of commision next weekend for caliper paint. So i'll have a couple days to keep it off road. Thanks for any comments/suggestions!

MNBoxster 09-18-2005 06:23 AM


Personally, I'd be a little wary of painting my interior for two reasons. First, it's fairly difficult to get an even, consistent finish without any drips, runs on that many surfaces. Second, it will not be as durable and scratches, scuffs etc. will accumulate over time making the interior look ratty (this could become especially important if ever trying to sell the car). Just my humble $0.02.

Happy Motoring!...Jim'99

my89_928gt 09-18-2005 07:00 AM

I did some of mine a few months ago.
I did only the parts that realy don't get touched(to keep wear to a min.).
I the parts that I condsider easy and cheep to replace, just incase.
My car is all black. So, I thought that some red on the interior would dress it up. It did.
The parts I did are the air vents, the part around the ignitionswitch(need to be carefull not to scratch it with the key-dealer did twice, me 0), trim around a/c and radio, trim around cd holder and the part below that that I think is called the batwing. Also did the plastic plates on the side of the seats and the plastic shift pattern on the shifter(that part dose not realy look right red out their by it's self)
Would like to find a red sifter and boot, but don't know if they make them.
Their are a few other parts that I would like to have done like the airbag trim strips and the speaker grills in the doors. But did not know how to take them off or did not want to break anything.
Looks great and get lots of complaments on it. Except from my daughter who thinks I should have done it blue, lol.
I used paint for plastic and the clear coat. Keep the coats thin but wet. And don't try to do to many parts at a time and watch for over spray from parts near by(that was my mistake-had to strip some and start over).
I used some plastic paint in a sparty can that I got from Home Depot.
It is not like the other spray paints their it takes 24 hours to cure. Make sure you wait at least that. I did not wait that long once. Had to redo the airvent:( due to finger prints.
It has only been 3 months but it looks just as good as when I put it in. Will know better in a year or so how well it will hold up. I do use my car daily and it is exposed to these 100 degree plus heats when I'm at work.

97 black 5sp 93,000 miles

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