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Coffinhunter 07-05-2012 06:13 AM

24 hours until....
I go to the airport to pick up my new (to me) 2003 Boxster S. I will then have three days to "leisurely" drive it from Texas to Florida.

Should I be this giddy:cheers:

Jager 07-05-2012 08:49 AM

ROAD TRIP!!! What a way to get to know your new ride! Make sure to check the air your spare tire before you hit the road.


trimer 07-05-2012 09:32 AM

Good luck on your trip. I did that with mine. Flew to ATL, and drove back to Jacksonville, FL 6 hours. Greatest 6 hours of my life. Found out about the IMS issues these cars can have only 2 days before (didnt do that mucfh homework) and thought if I was going to have a problem then I might as well be on the road cruisin like that when it happend! Great time. Have fun and enjoy your car!

Snowman 07-05-2012 09:38 AM


Originally Posted by Coffinhunter (Post 296521)
...drive it from Texas to Florida.

Should I be this giddy:cheers:

Yes, you should. ;-)

Reckles_Kelly 07-05-2012 09:48 AM

I drove up to Greensboro, NC last weekend with a friend and drove my new Boxster S home. Made a stop in Asheville to see the family and came back via a bunch of back roads in Georgia. The best 900 miles of my life, so far...

linklaw 07-05-2012 05:18 PM

My wife and I flew to Syracuse NY last fall and picked up our 2001 S. The seller met us at the airport and we drove through the finger lakes region of NY, stayed over night at Watkins Glen and drove home to Pittsburgh the next day. Back roads all the way and alot of fun. Enjoy your trip.

particlewave 07-05-2012 08:12 PM

Absolutely! If you have time, pick up some coolant and distilled water, just in case. I hear that its a bit warm in Texas. :p


BruceH 07-06-2012 06:53 AM

We will probably pass each other by! I got my 2001 S in Atlanta on Monday and dropped down to the Florida panhandle since it is a little cooler this week. Spent the 4th in the Gulf Shores area. Watched the fireworks along the beach with the top down! Back in Texas this evening with all of the heat.

black_box 07-06-2012 07:14 AM

Bring a toolkit. My waterpump blew on my first out-of-town trip.

15k miles since and no dead on road issues though. Good luck!

Coffinhunter 07-07-2012 04:06 AM

First quick "test drive"
Just a quick photo when leaving the neighborhood where I got the car. Man it drives incredibly.
Ohhhh no can't put a pic up from my iPhone. Well I guess I will update when I get home.

Anyone know how to put in pics from iPhone?

Johnny Danger 07-07-2012 05:32 AM

What is a "coffin hunter" by the way ?

2003S 07-07-2012 05:35 AM


Originally Posted by Coffinhunter (Post 296733)
Anyone know how to put in pics from iPhone?

The only way I know is with the Tapatalk app - but you have to pay for that...

tonycarreon 07-07-2012 05:45 AM


Originally Posted by Coffinhunter (Post 296733)
Anyone know how to put in pics from iPhone?

what i've done in the past is upload them to dropbox, grab the link and post it in the message on the forum.

no way to actually "upload" an image from your iphone to the website on safari yet. wait for iOS 6 in a few months.

Coffinhunter 07-07-2012 05:46 AM


Originally Posted by Johnny Danger (Post 296742)
What is a "coffin hunter" by the way ?

It is a reference from "The Dark Tower" series of books by Stephen King. Something I have been using for many years.

jmatta 07-07-2012 06:07 AM

Six and a half years ago I bought my Box S from a Dallas dealer and drove it home to northern Illinois...1100 miles in a little over a day! The car had 7900 miles on it when I purchased and I just turned 22k. Only problem has been the heat in Illinois lately...can't put the top down.

doragman 07-07-2012 08:25 AM

Do like we do in Louisana -- top down at night

particlewave 07-07-2012 11:22 AM

"The Dark Tower" series is awesome! :D

I still use Photobucket...upload via app, then link it.

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