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evander13 05-01-2003 07:29 AM

dash oil indicator
does anyone know how accurate the dash engine oil guage is, the little segment doodad that comes on when you first turn the key on. On level ground my guage (2000 S, 12,000 miles) has varied by three segments with very little time, use, temperature change between readings, and perhaps only a slight change in grade. Can one rely on it to give an accurate reading?? -

It seems the dipstick is almost impossible to get an accurate reading on too.

Other than that, I've owned the car almost a week, and it is the closest thing to heaven on 4 wheels that I've driven. Everyone wants to race me though, maybe they want to go home and tell their wives that they blew off a Porsche!

Tool Pants 05-01-2003 09:15 AM

I have had my Boxster for 4 years and I only use the gauge. All current Porsche models have the gauge, and the guage was in use prior to the Boxster and 996. I think it is the GT2 that does not even have a dipstick.

I don't trust the fuel gauge. I use a wooden stick to check the fuel level. Just a joke. Jeff

donv 05-01-2003 10:58 AM

Hi Evander,are you are waiting for the display to finalize? In my experience, so long as I move the key to the run (not start) position and wait for the segment indicator to stop moving, the oil level readings are pretty consistent. Going straight to start won't do it, as the sensor apparently needs a little while to think before it makes up its mind ;) .

evander13 05-01-2003 01:52 PM

oil level indicator

Thanks for the response.
I have been waiting for the timer to do its things, the segments flash up (or down whichever it is) and then it gives the final reading. The readings I'm getting after the timer has run have varied by three segments. Actually four now, it showed full (no segments empty) for the first time today. It has usually shown one segment empty (one down from max), but in the past it has gone down to four empty - always after the timer has run but before I start the engine.
I'm guessing the guage is very sensitive to grade (angle of the car) and this may account for some of the difference, but all of it ?

Evander13 - So. Oregon 2000 S.

evander13 05-10-2003 07:22 AM

dash oil indicator
A week after my first "dash oil" post: I've now concluded that my oil level guage is VERY sensitive to the angle of the car. A slight front down angle will increase the reading, and vice versa. A slight right side angle will decrease the reading dramatically. (Haven't tested the vice versa on side angle).
In the same place in my garage in the mornings the guage always reads one segment from max. A few hours later after parking on a slight right side down angle it read one segment below min. ... then back at home it read back to "normal" - one below max. - these are very slight angles - but they do appear to make a difference. All readings are after the timer has cycled to a final reading. Does anyone else have similar observations?

ehljags 05-10-2003 07:50 PM

the motor must be at operating temperature and the car on level ground to measure oil-level accurately. The gauge is the only way to do it. As Toolpants mentioned, the GT2 (and Twin Turbo, beginning in 2001) does not have a dipstick; only the gauge.

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