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nautiquelfe 07-01-2005 07:18 PM

HELP! OBD II code P0154
Hey guys my cel came on about an hour ago so i got to autozone and had it diagnosed. Code P0154 came up so i checked rentech and it says "P0154 Oxygen Sensor Ahead of Catalytic Converter (Cylinders 4 - 6) - Interruption of Signal." Does this meen the O2 sensor is needing to be replaced? If so where are good places to get one. Seems like bad timing w/ the Holiday coming up. Shipment will be SLOW. Is it possible to take O2 sensor out and clean w/ something or tighten it? I am gonna go back to autozone tommorow and try to have it reset to see if it comes back on, but im not very hopeful that it'll stay off. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Brucelee 07-01-2005 07:43 PM

Mileage on your car? Any history of repairs?

It can't hurt to reset it; at worst, it comes back on to confirm the need for an O2 sensor.


deliriousga 07-01-2005 07:55 PM

One of our O2 sensors died at 25K miles.

Do the reset and see if it comes back.

If it's still under warranty, it's covered. You can drive the car temporarily with the O2 sensor code until you get one. You will just get slightly lower gas mileage and the emmissions won't be as clean as normal. We had to drive ours for about two weeks like that while we waited for our appointment at the dealer. Most of the dealers keep them in stock. They also have them at http://www.************************************************************ for $146.95 :cheers:

nautiquelfe 07-01-2005 08:00 PM

It's a 1999. Exactly 51,000 miles. I just filled car up w/ gas so i was hoping it would be the gas cap, but scanner said otherwise . I'm gonna reset the light just in case, Should 30secs. be long enough to leave batt. unplugged? Also it was super humid here today and nearly 100* outside. Car is running as well as ever. Are there diff. numbers for diff. O2 sensors or all the same?

nautiquelfe 07-01-2005 10:18 PM

UPDATE! Well a little while ago i went outside to crank car and the engine light has now gone away. Maybe it was the gas cap after all, i usually click it twice but only clicked once today. However it did register a code at autozone. I guess i should drive it for a few days to see if it stays off. I was prepared to wait several days for the O2 sensor w/ the holiday shipment delays. Is it common for the cel to just turn itself off like this or was that just my warning?

Brucelee 07-02-2005 08:40 AM

O2 sensors can flip a code if they are on there way to going bad. It will be intermittent, so keep an eye out.

It can't hurt to get a new gas cap as these go anyway.

If you do disconnect the battery, don't forget to locate you radio code before you do it. You will not want to go to the hassle of getting one from the dealer, esp if it is a long holiday weekend.

Good luck! :cheers:

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