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urban_legend 09-20-2010 06:36 PM

PPI in Chicagoland
Looking for a recommendation to get a PPI done in the north suburbs of Chicago. I think I found a car a like - at least so far. Also what is a fair price for a PPI?

Mike_Yi 09-21-2010 12:06 AM

Midwest Eurosport is in Bensenville (I think - it's in that area) and are pretty well respected. Fischer Motors in North Barrington does all the work on my Boxster and is a good shop. Perfect Power Inc. is in Buffalo Grove, but I wouldn't recommend them. When I talked to the owner there, he had nothing but disdain for the Boxster and said he doesn't do much work on them. I've also heard that he is very expensive.

I would expect a PPI to cost around $300, or perhaps a bit less.

Flavor 987S 09-21-2010 05:08 AM

I would also recommend Fischer Motors (847-304-8822) in Barrington. Rick and Peter Fischer run a great shop. They maintain my Boxster, Turbo and MB.

Perfect Power is also very good, and Sol runs a good business. He is very qualified with the aircooled cars & turbos.

I would never take my cars to Eurosport, since the place is filthy dirty, and mainly a race-prep set-up shop. And they are good at that.

A simple PPI will be about $220-$330. Most indy shop rates are about $110/hour in this area. Dealerships are over $200. If you were doing a PPI to include leakdown and compression, it quickly exceeds $1,000. Paint analysis would also increase the total investmant. Depends how far you want to take it, and type of car you are buying. I have spent +$1,000 on PPI's that protected me from $70-80K potential mistakes.

You are wise to be doing a PPI. Good luck on your search for a new toy!

urban_legend 09-21-2010 06:44 PM

Thanks - I never bought a car remote before.
I am in MI so a bit of a logistics challenge - but with a PPI and the right price. Maybe we can get this done with a few nice weeks left in the season.

Mike_Yi 09-22-2010 11:16 PM

Here's the link to the info for Fischer:
Fischer Motors

There isn't anything on the page except contact info.

PlayersExpress 09-23-2010 08:53 AM

I know I might get a little fire from this one, but I would recommend that you take it to The Porsche Exchange in Highland Park. It is an actual Porsche dealer (I know...I know..) that I have dealt with a few times when my car broke down in Skokie.

I have found them to be the best place, albeit Porsche of Scottsdale in AZ or SLK ******************************** in Orland Park to work with.

They are more expensive if memory serves me correct their labor is $156/hr so a PPI would cost you between $300-400, but some of the mechanics I have talked to are very knowledgeable and own Porsches themselves unlike my local dealership....

One other factor with taking it to a Porsche dealership is any and all maintenance that was ever performed at a dealer can be pulled up with the VIN if the current owner doesn't have all the records or some of the original ones if he is the second or third owner.

Just my two cents, but good luck. There are so many exceptional shops in the Chicago area you can't go wrong in choosing.


Kerry 09-23-2010 01:11 PM

+1 Fischer. I've only been there once, but they were terrific.

cnavarro 09-23-2010 08:42 PM

If this is a car with an M96 engine, make sure the PPI includes pulling the filter to check for any ferrous debris, especially shiny stuff. If you find anything, then the engine is suspect. They should be able to change the filter w/o an oil change - they'll just have to top it off a quart or so.

urban_legend 12-07-2010 05:51 PM

PPI went fine, just tires and brakes needed next year.
SO - I bought the car, 2003S.

And didn't even have to go to Chicago to pick it up - previous owner drove it to MI and dropped it off.

Flavor 987S 12-08-2010 06:30 AM


Originally Posted by urban_legend
PPI went fine, just tires and brakes needed next year.
SO - I bought the car, 2003S.

And didn't even have to go to Chicago to pick it up - previous owner drove it to MI and dropped it off.

Congrats! Who did the PPI?

urban_legend 12-08-2010 08:01 PM

PPI was done by Loeber Porsche.
Loeber was really close to the previous owner and she could get it there and wait.
Generally, I was happy (but not thrilled) with the report process.

Not as complete as some have talked about - but they certainly covered the basics.
For example they caught that a convert. cable was broken.

One line item on their work estimate made me chuckle - front carpet was damp because of a drain being plugged.

Cost to dry the carpet $800 - five hours of labor.

So a $1.00 in electricity to run the fan and then $799 to .......
(insert punch line here)

Oh BTW for Charles - the engine had just 15,000 miles replaced due to IMS failure in CA. Dealer in CA (Pacific Porsche ) who did the swap claims the replacement engine (08 or newer) has a fix or at least an improvement for IMS issue.
Not sure if this is true or just the pitch?

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