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lejolierogue 08-23-2010 06:13 PM

HELP! Car choking, revving on its own...
Dear enthusiasts,

So I had to flat-bed my 99 boxster this evening returning from work...

The CEL read P0102.

This MAY be from me attempting to clean the MAF over the weekend (followed exact instructions from Mike Focke's website on MAF sensor). I gotta tell ya, after I cleaned it, the car felt awesome and seemed more responsive than ever. But driving to work this morning, I felt several jerks, like the car was choking, followed by illuminated CEL. Soon as I parked, I pulled out the OBD II reader and got the aforementioned codes. However, it was real bad in the evening - engine dying at every stop, rpm going up and down on its own and I finally pulled over and called the towing company.

Is this really the MAF going bad or something a little more elusive?

Please advise and thanks in advance.

ps: Ordered a new BOSCH MAF from ******************************** (thanks to Mike Focke once again - got the non-egas one [obviously] for $155).

Steve Tinker 08-24-2010 01:46 AM

Sounds more like an air / vacuum leak problem than a faulty MAF.
I would go over all the hoses & tubes again just to make sure that you have replaced all the lines & screwed them down tight. One could have pulled off during assembly and the initial drive.....

eightsandaces 08-24-2010 03:52 AM

I wouldn't rule out the MAF if you can't find any air leaks, sometimes a cleaning isn't enough, what's the mileage??

lejolierogue 08-24-2010 04:59 AM

Mileage is 70K
Mileage is 70K

lejolierogue 08-27-2010 06:57 AM

***Follow-up - it was indeed the MAF
Dear enthusiasts,

Just an FYI that I replaced the MAF in my '99 Guards Red and voila!, its running great now! Got the Bosch part from Authaus AZ for $155 (ps: the took off the $15 dollar shipping because it was one day late :D )

Thanks for all the feedback! It is much appreciated!

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