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stateofidleness 12-22-2009 01:22 PM

Low oil throwing the 1128 and CEL?
So I've had this nagging CEL off and on since replacing the AOS (which fixed my fog machine problem and a different code)

I DO have an existing exhaust leak which will get fixed after christmas, but I noticed today that the CEL gets triggered at the EXACT same spot on my way to work. A stop light on a slight incline and boom! CEL

now I started wondering.. this makes me think it isn't random as I thought before (more aggressive driving would trigger the CEL quicker is what I was thinking before).. So I'm wondering, if it's an incline and my oil was "low" because of it, would that cause the CEL and the 1128 code?

I'm due up for an oil change too.. last time I think my mechanic put the manual-specified amount in, but read lower on the dash guage than when I bought it. Should I tell him to "overfill" it just a tad or have him drive it around the block a few times and then "top it off"?

yimmy149 12-22-2009 04:33 PM

You should be checking your oil level each time you fill the gas tank via the electronic display. Ideally you'd let the car sit for longer than the few minutes it takes to fill, otherwise it will always look low, but gas stations are good because they are typically on level ground.

These cars do burn a little oil, so you should buy a quart and expect to top it off on your own every couple thousand miles to be safe. (My '01 burned about half a quart over 3,000 miles)

I don't know about the oil level + CEL thing, esp since 1128 is listed as "Oxygen Sensing Adaptation Area 2 (Cylinders 1 - 3) - Rich Threshold"


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