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9eighty6 08-01-2009 01:22 PM

Frunk 10W7 Subwoofer (project)
Hello everyone -

I luckily inherited a JL Audio 1000/1 amplifier from my brother today. My friend and I have built numerous audio systems (including install of decks/ creation of sub boxes/speaker installs, etc.) and all installs are first class. He is an electrician and pays close attention to detail. I say this so that you know we have some serious experience working with these systems.

That said, I have had my spare tire removed from the frunk for a long time. With the inheritance of the $800 amp, I am likely going to invest in the JL Audio 10W7 and box materials. The battery is right there for us to tap into and my deck (a pioneer AVIC-N3) has preouts for subs built in.

Any thoughts/ naysayers / ideas? We are just going to do a square box with black carpet which will be easily removable.

Oh yeah, the amp easily weighs 10lbs and the sub weighs 30lbs as per manufacturer specs. I am aware that all of this weight will likely not help the handling characteristics.

demick 08-01-2009 02:24 PM

So you're just going to put the big sub in the front trunk? That sounds like more a recipe for impressing (or more likely annoying) other people rather than creating a great sound system for people actually riding in the car.

Unlike putting a sub in the trunk of a conventional car where there is a thin seat between the trunk and the passenger compartment. The Boxsters' front trunk is completely separated from the passenger compartment. You've got a lot of metal, and the fuel tank separating you from your music.

9eighty6 08-01-2009 05:07 PM

Honestly, I don't care so much about impressing (though I would hope not to annoy) anyone ... I just wish to have some added bass to my otherwise mediocre sound system. But you do have a point ... there just doesn't seem to be anywhere good to put it. I am not a fan of the footwell placement ... the doors aren't really conducive to such a project (after reading numerous threads).

anyhow ... :cheers:

chaabouni 08-01-2009 05:11 PM

In my old 97 (now gone), I put a 10" bazooka in the frunk and hooked it to the amp. I cannot describe to you how well it improved the bass quality of the sound comin out of the stock becker system. If you do that, just make sure you're not jamming too lound at red light stops, as it does get to be annoying to the other cars, I am sure. But the bottom line is that you get the full effect even if it's placed on the other side of the firewall. Good luck! :cheers:

Richard Alter 08-01-2009 07:51 PM

After multiple attempts to improve base response in my 99 (including a custom built sub for the frunk and then a infinity sub also in the frunk) I was frustrated with any improvement unless the car was not moving. I reclaimed my front storage space and installed a 6" shallow mount kicker sub speakers in each door. Now it sounds great. No manufactured grill for these speakers though. I could have custom grills made but will just avoid kicking them when getting out of the car. I have an Alpine amp mounted on the fire wall just above the spare. Fantastic sound (I don't need to shake the neighborhood) no matter what speed I am driving.

stephen wilson 08-02-2009 05:02 AM

How about an 8" sub. up high between the seat backs? It may require a fibreglass enclosure to get enough contours to fit well and look good though. I've seen similar installations on other high end cars, Ferrarri I think?

edevlin 08-02-2009 11:35 AM

"With the inheritance of the $800 amp, I am likely going to invest in the JL Audio 10W7 and box materials. The battery is right there for us to tap into and my deck (a pioneer AVIC-N3) has preouts for subs built in. Any thoughts/ naysayers / ideas? We are just going to do a square box with black carpet which will be easily removable."

I have also played with audio systems quite a bit, both in the home and in cars. In fact, I sold my home high-end audio system and used the money to pay cash for my 2000 boxster. I have been a big fan of the JL Audio Slash-series amps, I used to have a pair of them powering the audio system in my Boxster (now replaced by a pair of Alpine amps), and I still have a pair of them powering the audio systems in our family Forester and Saturn.

I have a JL Audio 10W7 that I built a custom box for that I use in the forester, powered by a JL Audio amp. It sounds very good in the Forester, but not in the Boxster. I hooked up the sub with the JL Audio amp in the front trunk, just to hear what it sounded like. I made no attempt to make an opening between the trunk and cabin for the test.

I was running JL Audio speakers in the dash, rear and doors powered by a dedicated 4X75 JL Audio amp. I was powering the sub with a 300 watt mono JL Audio slash amp, a little under-powered for that driver, but works ok. At the time I was running a large Optima battery. The speakers in the cabin sounded very good, but the big sub sounded quite bad up front, could not get good resolution no matter what crossover frequency or slope I tried. I expected as much, I just tried it because I had the sub and extra amp around to play with.

As you probably know, if you are going to make a more serious attempt to make the sub work in the front trunk, you need to have an opening between the trunk and cabin to carry the pressure wave into the cabin, at least if you want a any serious fidelity. Ideally something like the James Audio "power pipe" subwoofers that use a heavy flex tubing to carry the sub pressure wave from the sub box to to where it is needed in the home (used in custom installs).

I and several others on the forum have had very good luck with a little JL Audio 8" sub in a custom fiberglass enclosure installed in the passenger footwell. I know you said you are not a fan of that location. It does not give deep bass, but fills in nicely down to about 40 hz or so. They are pricey, I think I paid 500.00 for mine, but it is very well built and does not take up that much floor space. Have fun,



Cloudsurfer 08-02-2009 09:36 PM

Sub in the front trunk will do nothing (that you can hear). I have a 8W0 in a custom enclosure in the front footwell, molded up over the tunnel a bit and angled. It really compromises very little footwell space, and sounds incredible. My advice would be to do something similar.

chaabouni 08-03-2009 06:44 AM

You know, this is just like one of those tire opinion threads. It seems like everyone has an opinion, but very few actually experimented with the concept. I guess for those who volunteered an answer, a question begs attention: Do you know this as matter of fact or as matter of opinion?

Because, my experience, matter of fact, is that introducing a large 10" subwoofer in the frunk actually improves the sound quality of the stock becker substantially.

Have you tried it, or do you just like to hypothesize?

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