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Petermcd 05-10-2009 07:38 AM

Dealer Certified - worth it? Please advise
Hi - After much searching I have narrowed the choice to 3 good boxters. 2 are from dealers who have "certified" them. (2 years new car warrantee). One said I can take off $2000 from price if I don't take the warrantee. This is a 2004 base model with 44,000 miles so I would think it should not have issues for some time....

1- What would you do? Keep the 2 K in my pocket or ...?

2-Can I assume a car that the dealer is willing to guarantee for 2 years means I can buy with a PPI? Isn't dealer certification just as good?

3- Last question..... I originally was convinced I had to get the "S" model but I found that the only "s" models in my price range are pre-2003 and have the plastic rear window. Now I am realizing that the 03, 04 base models have upgraded to 225 HP and have only marginal difference in performance???? so I now think newer car with glass rear window is as good or better than older, higher mileage "s" model with plastic rear window. Comments??????

4- Of the 3 cars I like only one has PSM. Of course this is the most expensive of the 3. Would you pay $3000 more for a car with this option. This car is also less mileage. 25k vs 44K.... But the 44k car has xenon lts and better stereo

Thanks for advice. Hoping to own a boxter by next weekend!

70Sixter 05-11-2009 11:04 AM

It is like insurance. You only appreciate it when you need it to pay. $2000 in dealer CPO car would make me sleep better.

PPI can be done by dealer or qualified individual. If your RMS or IMS fail after the PPI you are on your own.

Buy the best car you can afford and do not make any hurried decisions. There are lots of nice cars out there!

Search RandallNeighbor on the site for how not to buy a Boxster.

And read this:


FTD 05-11-2009 11:15 AM

PSM is nice, but not a must have [to me]. I use it, but theoretically I could also control the car by knowing the car and handling it correctly.

Rear glass window is a must have [to me].

I have an '04 2.7 base model. The extra kick of the S would be more fun, but honestly I rarely get to enjoy the power of all the gears in the base. I have to go to a track to even feel third all the way to its abilities, so I am not disappointed that I don't have an S.

$2k for the warranty - nice to have. Your call. You can take it to the dealer for every nitpicky thing that isn't right. Or you can resolve every nitpicky thing that isn't right for less than 2k. For major issues - its a gamble if you will or won't have any, so what kind of risk taker are you?

Better stereo is probably gonna matter to you after a while.

Xenon lights - well I have them and I like them but I can see the road just fine with other options so this is cosmetic only. If you can afford the car and Xenon lights is really cool to you, take that one.

I'm leaning towards the 2004 with 44k miles. Or keep looking and get a better price for same/similar car from an individual.

FTD 05-11-2009 11:18 AM

Also check the inside and center tread of the rear tires. I got burned by ignorance and bought a car with around 9k miles on it and dropped my jaw when I needed new tires. What kind of tires only last 10 - 14k miles!?

The ones on Boxsters. I could have used the tread thing to get a better price.

ekam 05-11-2009 11:21 AM

Is it a Porsche dealer or a generic dealer? I'd get a PPI done regardless if it comes with warranty.

Don't forget warranty doesn't cover any wearable items like brake disc/rotors, ball joints, bearings, clutch, etc etc etc...

Lower mileage or litronics, very tough call... let me ask you this: do you like your woman with pretty eyes? :D I know I do! :)

I don't understand how people can live with the plastic window, but that's just me.

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