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FTD 08-27-2008 06:34 AM

Am I being duped?
I paid someone to put new drop links on my car. I know what they are, where they are, and that it is simple to get to and do, but I thought what if I don't get the bolts tight enough or something like that. I am not a mechanic, just also not ignant and my Dad taught me a lot. But, I decided for the price, convenience, and confidence I would just let this shop do it. Kewl.

Well, I have discovered wheel vibration at 75+ mph. So I called the guy and said I want to bring the car by so he could check the installation. He said - "you need a balance".

OK - why didn't he say something about that initially? Like, once we put these new ones on you are probably going to need to get the wheels balanced. We can/can't do it or we can recommend a place or whatever. Who in the world picks up their car not wanting to be informed of outstanding work?

Secondly, I cannot logically understand how replacing drop links would disrupt balance. Two bolts attached to rigid parts - how did that alter my wheel balance?

Is this guy for real, or is he a fake and I need to go back and present a case to him?

Lil bastard 08-27-2008 07:11 AM

You're talking about the sway bar links right? What Porsche calls Stabilizer Links?

If so, you shouldn't need to balance the wheels. The wheels are balanced off the car anyway.

It should not change your alignment either.

They didn't even have to remove the wheels to do the work.

But, you say you're getting a +75mph vibration, so something's not right.

It is possible that you lost a wheel weight (or they knocked it off, carelessly). And, as the tires wear, the wheels can lose their balance, so if your tires have some miles on them, either of these may be to blame.

I agree that if it were required, they should have mentioned it upfront. Since it shouldn't be, that probably why they didn't mention it.

Kirk 08-27-2008 07:14 AM

I don't see a relationship between your wheel balance and the installation of the drop links/end links. The shop probably didn't tell you about the balance problem because they probably didn't drive the car to notice it. Replacing the drop links would not really require them to drive the car. It's a simple procedure of taking the old parts out and bolting new ones in.

HOWEVER, to do this job they DO need to take the wheels off. There sir may be your problem. A number of things could have happened:

1. Your wheel bolts are not torqued down tight. I would check this IMMEDIATELY as it would be dangerous to drive it this way.

2. If you have wheels spacers they may not have gotten them back on and aligned properly. This would be my best guess as to the problem.

3. They bunged up your wheels when they were off the car - maybe they knocked some of the balancing weights off or something. Otherwise, unless they're complete morons, it would be hard for them to really screw up your wheels.

That's my two cents...


Lil bastard 08-27-2008 07:53 AM

I added the M030 front sway bar (which required separating the links) with the car on jackstands, and I didn't need to remove the wheels. I didn't have to balance the wheels or get it aligned either.

ElStevano 08-27-2008 09:45 AM

When I first got my boxster I had a serious vibration at the steering wheel, only over 75mph. The dealership said the wheels needed to be balanced and that fixed the problem immediately. Haven't had a problem since.

FTD 08-27-2008 10:29 AM

Yes, the vertical stabilizer links that attach to the sway. I just couldn't figure out a relationship to replacing the stabilizers / drop links and throwing the wheels out of balance. I NEVER had anything but smooth up until this work was done so I related the two.

I also don't see how a wheel weight can come off. I bought some beater wheels for track and had a bear of a time getting the numerous weights cleaned off.

I put Michelins on these wheels about 9k miles ago, so yeah, they are probably old and worn ha ha. ugh.

I believe from your helpful responses there is no conversation to have with the guy... just go get it balanced.

thanks a bunch

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