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chaudanova 06-08-2008 03:33 PM

Questions about Door Locks, Alarm, electrical, & windows.. Stumped!
Hey guys, so I'm stumped with this one. I was having my Alarm/Security System installed, and while the technician/installer was testing out the wiring for the door locks, door open/close wiring, windows, etc, some strange things happened:

Prior to this, everything worked normally. Now, these are the new symptoms:

1) Originally, the driver side door, when using the key to unlock/lock the car from the outside, this would control the central locking, and open/close both the passenger and driver side doors. (the passenger side would originally only operate the passenger side itself, and not control the driver's side). NOW, this is Switched, and the passenger side locks/unlocks BOTH sides, and the driver side door locks only control one side.

2) Prior, both sides windows, would lower slightly when opening the doors, and raise fully when the doors were closed. Now, the driver side window, doesn't do the slight lowering/raising anymore, so it hits the top frame/seals.

3) Now, the car's central lock button, stays with the red light/led on, and won't turn off.

4) The central locking button flashing light diagnostic code (blinks red twice every second, for 10 seconds), which per the Bentley manual, indicates that the "Door Safe Mode" is on (*door safe mode is the locked mode when the door lock or keyless entry transmitter is activated once, the optional alarm system and passenger compartment monitor are activated)

5) Reading the wiring, we realized that now the car thinks that the driver side door is always open. When the door is physically closed, the car's wiring still indicates and thinks that the door is open (or perhaps it was the other way around, and thinks its always closed... I forgot, but either way, it is not registering this properly). Which makes it tough also, since I have a 2002 model, and when the car door is closed and locked, the trunks won't open. Now it is stuck in this "mode".

The only things that were done during this testing, prior to the things getting funky, were the testing of 3 wires. For the door locks, windows, and I believe parking light (I could be wrong on this, but from memory, this was what was just tested for signals).

The car has the OEM keyless entry system module, and is a 2002 model. We have tested, and all fuses are okay.

*I've also tried the window memory resetting tricks, with lowering/raising, and pushing/holding down the buttons, but hasn't resolved the problem). I know that the switch/module is okay though, because when we send the signal to indicate that the doors are closed/opened, the problematic driver side still lowers/raises slightly, as it should, but only when sent the electrical signal manually.

We suspect that perhaps the door latch sensor may have gone out, the one that would send the proper signals that the door is either opened or closed.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on, and how to fix it?

Thanks in advance!

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