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khaluk 07-26-2007 12:26 AM

2000 Boxster - Leaking coolant, then squealing sound, then white smoke....bad luck!
2000 Boxster 52K miles

So yesterday after discovering my coolant had leaked about 1 quart in my office parking lot, I put some water in to get me home (5 minutes away). Didn't drip after that. When looking under my car in the garage, I noticed that I have a oil leak around the 'chain cover'/'valve covers' not really that bad, and from what I hear it's normal.

Today in the morning I bring it to two separate mechanics that work on Porsche. One guy put it on the hoist and attached a pressure gauge and pumped pressure in to find where the leak was coming from. Sure enough it was gushing from the 'housing' as he put it. It looked like a small square piece that changed direction from the engine to a hose. He said it was a gasket/O ring. He also mentioned that valve cover seals had been leaking. He said the car would be fine for a while but I should keep an eye on the coolant levels. (he also didn't have time to fix it for me). I drove over to another mechanic that couldn't put it on the hoist but he seemed to know that problem as I described it. He said he would have to take a look at it to be sure, so I set an appointment for next tuesday.

I drive the car away and a few hours later when I came to a stop light I hear a high pitched squealing noise. When I accelerated the noise went away. Neutral, fast, slow, doesn't matter, when I accelerate the noise goes away. Next time I start the car, it blows out white smoke for about 10-20 seconds. Then nothing, no smoke, no performance loss, but then the squeal came back.

I read the forums and everything points to the AOS Air Oil Separator. Stopped at a light and opened the trunk with the car running and the squeal happening and I pulled out the oil level dip stick, pressure came out and sure enough, the noise stopped (this is what another forum said how to diagnose the AOS problem)

45 minutes later, driving on the highway seemingly fine, temperature good, all of a sudden white smoke blows out and makes it hard to see behind. Engine light instantly started blinking, I slow down in about 30 seconds to a safe pull out and turned the car off. I looked at the AOS and it didn't seem oily. I did notice that the coolant level had dropped from High to Middle within 45 minutes driving, but remember, I also have a coolant leak. I checked the oil to see if there was water in it, and it was the same level it had always been at for the past week, nothing in the oil looked unusual.

When I turned off the car, smoke kept coming out (slowly)of the left side of the muffler for about a minute or two.

I towed the car to the mechanic and hopefully he'll look at it ASAP.

I realize it wasn't smart to drive the car while I knew something was wrong, but I was consulting with the mechanic every step of the way and he seemed to think that if I wasn't adding coolant due to loss, I could still drive the car.

Would anyone have any much appreciated insight?

Thanks very much


fab 07-26-2007 04:11 AM

I just purchased the ao/s, j tube and oil filler tube. fyi-I got the best price from Sunset
In my case, my oil filler tube has more than normal oil on it. Usually, that point to the ao/s is going bad but i don't have the smoke and squealing noises.
I do have an appt. within 2 weeks w/my mechanic. Going on vacation after with the box and wanna make sure it will be alright to take for the ride.

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