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Originally Posted by maytag View Post
Do a search for foam coming from your air vents. This will explain to you a very, VERY common problem that results in the inability to direct the air anywhere specific.... meaning it's always being distributed everywhere..... resulting in very low air flow anywhere.
I'd think it very likely this is your problem. You may not see foam bits simply because it's all gone!

It's really unlikely it's anything to do with refrigerant or compressor, as that has zero bearing on air volume, only air temperature.

Let us know what you find?

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While I agree that it's most likely the infamous "foam bits" issue, the A/C does also play a critical role in defogging, as it pulls moisture from the air. If you may have noticed, every time you put a car in defrost mode, it always turns on the A/C compressor (unless it's a classic car that never had A/C).

Also, it doesn't really take much airflow to defog the side windows, but having dry air critical. So checking the function of the A/C system does apply here, as well as checking the foam baffles.
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