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FS: Instrument gauge clusters

I am selling 2 clusters:

- 1 is the original cluster that came on my 2003 Tiptronic, it has 127569 miles on it, OBC is activated. Everything works perfectly (knobs, bulbs, displays).

- 1 is from a 2004, is for a manual Boxster, and has 80xxx miles on it. The center LCD display is out of order. "Other than that", the rest works good, OBC is activated, knobs are included.

I am asking for $150 for the 2003 cluster, $100 for the 2004 cluster.
Prices include shipping.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

2003 2.7 Boxster - Tiptronic - Carrera wheels - OBC - Red calipers - Cat pipes - Modified muffler - Rear speakers - K&N - Litronics
2006 V6 Mustang
2008 ML 350
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