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Originally Posted by recycledsixtie View Post
I have had Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus tires on my 2001 Box base for a month now. I just love them and they to handle well in the ice and snow(not much of the latter yet). I am not in a hurry to put the old Blizzaks on as I believe they are old as in hockey pucks. I have no PSM but love the feel of them. Will use the a/s tires in the summer. I don't track so these are good enough for me. I have no experience with Goodyear tires though.

Once significant snow comes then I will switch to Blizzaks.
Same here - had those same Michelins on the car for five seasons now, but I'll be replacing them next spring as they really went over the cliff in the latter part of this season. I thought they lasted well, (40k km) and I was happy with the performance, but next year I'm going with a summer performance tire, most likely the Hankook V12's.

I don't drive my car in the winter (not like those crazy Albertans. eh?), in fact, I just put it away this last weekend.
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