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Originally Posted by Eckyhade
Does anyone have any advice for a person that is enjoying a lot of snow in Jackson Hole, Wyoming but has to keep the Porsche in the garage for the winter?

I know it says don't idle it, but what about a start and shut down just to get the oil up in the crankcase?

Let me know if you really know or are just guessing.

The best thing to do to a Summer Sports Car in the Winter is to hibernate it. While there are those which drive the Car year round in winter climes, if you are suddenly unable to drive for some period of time, the best thing to do is to fill-up the fuel tank, disconnect the Battery and leave it. Most of the wear you car's engine experiences occurs upon Cold Start before the Oil is flowing sufficiently to Float the Crank and flow to the Valvetrain.

Also, running the Car creates Moisture (a combustion by-product) much of which is absorbed by the Oil. Later, this moisture can evaporate and condense on the engine internals leading to corrosion and pitting, possible shortening their lifespan.

Btw, there is no Up to the crankcase (it's on the bottom) , but I suspect you meant the Head. On a Boxer Engine, that's not Up either, they're on either side. You already have Oil there from the last shutdown, and again on a Boxer Engine, Gravity won't flow it back to the sump. Just do the things I recommend and then leave it. If you don't anticipate leaving it for more than a couple weeks, then just leave it as is, it'll be OK...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99

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