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Originally Posted by MNBoxster

Hard acceleration calls for Torque more than Horsepower. Even at 5k RPM, you're already past the Peak Torque.

Power is Power to be sure, but the Best Power on a Street Car is Usable Power...

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Sure, torque moves you down the road but without hp you go nowhere. They have a direct relationship. One memeber on here made a good analogy regarding TQ and HP. He said if a large waterwheel is our engine, then torque would be the size of the buckets and Hp would the rate at which the wheel spins. The best power band in the boxster would be between the TQ and HP peaks which would be between 4,600 rpm and 6,250rpm in the boxster S and 2.7Ls. However, in order to keep the boxster in the upper portion of the power band shifting above 6,250rpm is necessary.
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