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WTB: Key Fob

I just bought a 2002 Boxster S. Going through the car and fisxing issues with the car. The main issue is I don't have a keyless entry transponder. I basically bought the car with half of a key..... what do people do to their cars?


I got a new key off ebay with the key code. I understand only Porsche can program the key.... and they charge $120. But, now I find out they will program as many keys as I want if I do them all at once for the same price.

So...... I want to buy another key so they can program two keys. It is tearing my heart out to shell out $189 for a key at the dealer..... plus the programming.... thats why I went to ebay in the first place and found one for $75.

Anyone have a key WITH the key code that they can sell?
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