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This fluid may be Porsche approved, but it is not approved by the tranny manufacturer - ZF Getrieb.

ZF specifically points to issues when using any other fluid than Esso LT 71141. In fact, Esso LT 71141 is the ONLY fluid recommended.

This is readily available in 1 Ltr. size for $16.95 from BavAuto (search under 'Automatic Transmission Fluid') as opposed to Porsche which only sells it in 20 Ltr. containers for $230+. Also, you can almost always find a 10% discount promo code or coupon for Bavauto doing a simple web search.

And, be certain to swap the filter each time the fluid is changed. Porsche says the fluid is 'Lifetime' (it isn't). ZF Getrieb recommends a fluid/filter change at 45k mi. Avoid the messy procedure outlined by Porsche to run the car to heat the fluid to get an accurate fill by pre-heating the fluid. Place the jugs in a pan of hot water until the fluid is properly heated, then fill using a modified Ace Hardware Garden Sprayer (<$20) until it drips back from the fill opening.

Attached is the ZF list of approved oils for the 5HP19FL Tiptronic transmission and it's derivatives.

Do this maintenance religiously, and the tranny will likely outlast the car. Neglect it, and you'll find your wallet considerably lighter.

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