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My 996 C4S weighed in at 3,381 lbs with half a tank of gas:

The Turbo would be even more with intercoolers, piping, turbos, etc.

Yes it is heavy and you feel it, but it's still a Porsche and still performs amazingly in the twisties compared to 99% of other cars on the road. The limit of the car is well beyond what is legal or reasonable on public roads. Now my Boxster S with JRZ coilovers, strut braces, lower stress bars, and ~500 lbs less weight is a different beast. It's downright wicked scary to even push to 8/10 of its limits. When I autocross I use the Boxster, same if I were to track it. Each car has its purpose and function, and both are excellent at what they do.

2000 Boxster S - Gemballa body kit, GT3 front bumper, JRZ coilovers, lower stress bars
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1986 911 Carrera Targa - 3.2L, Euro pistons, 964 cams, steel slant nose widebody
1975 911S Targa - undergoing a full restoration and engine rebuild
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