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I don't know why you guys even talk about this stuff? I am not a brilliant mechanic but I know alot about the basics of the performance enhancement...Almost all cars these days are heavily electronically controlled, not to mention it's controlled with precision. We do not drive carbourated 1973 big blocks which will breath 10 times better off intakes and reduce backpressure 100 times over with headers and exhausts! Putting an intake and/or exhaust and/or headers on a porsche, lexus, mercedes that is a 2000+ year model will, if anything, reduce drivability and reduce horsepower...ya maybe you might, just might end up with some highend hp jump of maybe 1 or 2% but you lose it all from the low/midrange...the most enjoyful rpm range for the street. if you go to the track you will still need midrange for some of the slower turns as well. unless you plan on changing incoming AND outgoing flow AND most importantly hitting a dyno for a good tuning, its a total waste. can i get a K&N...thanks. just kidding. but as far as these K&N's, you can dry them out a tiny bit before putting them in...a friend of mine does it for his cars, but i can't remember what you do, i think it involves some papertowels and leaving it out for a day or something to reduce the oil by a bit. look around i'm sure others know what i'm talking about.
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